When does your $100 equal $138?

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Dear friends of EPES and AHA ,

Needless to say that Covid 19 has affected everyone. EPES, as we and its community have come to expect, once again has stepped up during this extraordinary times to go above and beyond in supporting those who need it most. Through your generosity, EPES continues to meet these challenges head on. This May’s EPES Update focuses on what EPES has been able to quickly do to address the new needs of the communities they work with.

Fortunately – yes fortunately – your contribution provides more benefit than ever. Due to the strong dollar and the very weak Chilean peso, we are quickly converting US dollar contributions into Chilean pesos, reaping a benefit of approximately 38%….in other words, for every $1 you donate, it will be equivalent to $1.38.

We are so thankful for your continued support to EPES. If you are able to, we hope you will consider making a contribution now so that we can take advantage the the favorable exchange rate and help EPES to stretch their budget.

Many thanks,

The Action for Health in the Americas Board

19 Graduate from the 11th International Training Course!

Read the EPES Update on the 11th International Training Program here!

Dear Friends of EPES,

EPES’ 11th International Training Program (the Escuela) was held during the third month of national protests in Chile. Ninety-four percent of Chileans are demanding a change of the 1980 Constitution in order to be able to build a fairer country. The demands of the social movement are the right to education and health, pensions and living wages. EPES supports the Chilean people in their struggle for dignity and justice, and condemns the state terrorism that prevails in the country. The police repression has been denounced by four international human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. The National Institute of Human Rights has received 4,780 complaints as of January 15, 2020, for homicides, torture, mutilation, arbitrary detentions, sexual violence, among other human rights violations; and has filed 1,118 legal actions in favor of 1,476 victims.

The EPES team evaluated whether or not to hold the Escuela following months of extreme unrest and police violence. In mid December, we agreed that the situation was calm enough (due to the summer) to carry it out without risks for the participants. We are happy to share this Update of the events of the XI International Escuela. We had an incredible group of 19 committed young people from 8 Latin American countries.
Blessings to all and thank you for your love and support,
Karen Anderson
ELCA Global Mission Personnel in Chile
Director, EPES International Training Program

From Seed to Your Plate – Order Your Game Today!

AHA is excited to share information about EPES’ new educational board game: From Seed to Your Plate!

From Seed to Your Plate is a Spanish language board game developed by EPES for health and educational professionals, community members, high school and college students, social and/or political organizations.

Group playing De la semilla al plato

The game invites players to engage in conversation and analyze the economic, political, social and cultural factors that influence what we eat and how it affects our health and environment.

From Seed to Your Plate facilitates and stimulates critical analysis and consciousness raising necessary to motivate collective actions to bring about changes to food environments. The game is designed to illustrate changes we have witnessed in the global food system in the past 40 years, and explore ideas of how to resist Big Food and Big Agriculture.

  • Good for 2-8 Players
  • Ages 14+
  • No previous knowledge about food or nutrition is required to play
  • De la semilla al plato has been field-tested with community members and health professionals (2019 edition available in Spanish only)

Check out our website to learn more and order a game today!

Please join us at the Salud a la Calle fundraiser January 10th in NYC!

Friends of EPES and AHA:

The resistance movement in Chile that you read about in the last EPES Update continues, and as you know it has been met with violent and criminal treatment by the Chilean police and military.

Salud a la Calle is a group of medical providers (doctors, nurses, EMT workers, etc.) organized to assist demonstrators that have been wounded by the police in Chile’s recent popular demonstrations. They have just opened a small permanent clinic (policlinico de atencion) for follow-up of the wounded.

If you are in the New York City area, please come out to their fundraiser on January 10th to support their great work. Details in poster below!

EPES Update Highlights EPES Response to Current Unrest in Chile

Read the Fall 2019 EPES Update here

Dear friends of EPES,

You are probably aware that, for the past several weeks, Chile has been experiencing brutal repression such as has not been seen since the years of Pinochet’s dictatorship.

It began with student protests of a 30-peso (4 cent) transit fare increase, but, as a widespread graffiti declares, it’s not the 30 pesos, it’s the 30 years! The protests and the disproportionately violent response of Chile’s militarized police, ignited unrest that had been simmering from years of Pinochet-imposed policies that persisted into the era of supposed democracy:

  • privatized pension funds that make investors immensely rich while Chileans can’t afford to live on their monthly retirement checks;
  • privatized health care and defunding of the public health sector, leading to unnecessary deaths and suffering;
  • privatized education that led to the highest tuition fees in the world (and, for many, worthless degree-mill credentials);
  • privatized water supply (considered a public good everywhere else in the world);
  • a tax system that transfers money from the poor to the rich;
  • systematic encroachment and repression of Mapuche indigenous communities that stand up for their rights and autonomy.

All these elements are integral to the neoliberal economic model that gives Chile the highest level of income inequality among OECD countries and one of the highest in the world. According to the UN, the richest 1% of Chileans hold 33% of the nation’s wealth.

Rather than respond substantively to the just demands of burgeoning social movements, the Piñera government doubled down with dictatorship-era repression, with a brutality that has stunned observers and human rights organizations around the world. After a fact-finding visit to Chile, this week Amnesty International concluded that police deliberately commit human rights violations and shoot to injure demonstrators to discourage the social movement. The president, who a month ago, said the government was at war—against its own people— refuses to take responsibility. But, to paraphrase Einstein, peace is not the absence of war; it’s the presence of justice.

I’m very much afraid that things are going to get worse before they get better, because the wealthy won’t easily give up their privilege, and the Chilean people, now awakened to the full scope of their oppression, will not go back to submission and misery. As another popular graffiti puts it, We’ve lost everything, even our fear.

EPES and AHA are deeply grateful for your support over the years, so indispensable to sustainability for almost four decades. We count on your continued generosity in your year-end giving. Now, more than ever, EPES desperately needs your help to keep standing with and providing essential tools to the Chilean people, protesting structural inequalities, calling out human rights violations, and demanding the right to health and a dignified life for all.

Read the Fall 2019 EPES Update here.

In solidarity and peace,

Christina Mills MD FRCPC
President, Action for Health in the Americas

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