EPES Update Spring 2023: Crisis at the Border

Dear friends of EPES, The world always looks fresher in spring, and observant readers will notice that this spring Update has a fresh, new look—we’ve changed not only the color palette, but also, to some extent, the content. Beginning with this issue, we’ll provide background on one key project each time, with shorter updates onContinue reading “EPES Update Spring 2023: Crisis at the Border”

Special Edition: EPES Update on the 12th International Training Course

From Argentina, Nicaragua, Colombia, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, and several Chilean provinces, 19 community health activists, immigrant rights advocates, church workers, and teachers gathered in Santiago, Chile January 15–25 for EPES Foundation’s 12th International Training Course on Popular Education in Health. Check out this special edition of the EPES Update toContinue reading “Special Edition: EPES Update on the 12th International Training Course”

EPES Spring 2022 Update: Celebrating 40 Years!

Read the Spring 2022 EPES Update here! Get info and sign up to join the 40th celebration in Chile here! Donate to support the 40th anniversary fund here! Dear friends of EPES, Forty years—can you believe it! EPES was born when Chile was in the depths of the Pinochet dictatorship, and we didn’t know thenContinue reading “EPES Spring 2022 Update: Celebrating 40 Years!”

Stories of Hope and Resistance from Chile

This series, Stories of Hope and Resistance from Chile, presents accounts of concrete ways EPES is working to address the covid-19 crisis as it affects the communities, families and people EPES loves and works with in Chile. Click on the titles below to read the stories! For US friends who would like to support thisContinue reading “Stories of Hope and Resistance from Chile”

When does your $100 equal $138?

Read the May EPES Update here! Dear friends of EPES and AHA , Needless to say that Covid 19 has affected everyone. EPES, as we and its community have come to expect, once again has stepped up during this extraordinary times to go above and beyond in supporting those who need it most. Through yourContinue reading “When does your $100 equal $138?”