From Seed to Your Plate

From Seed to Your Plate: A Spanish language board game developed for health and educational professionals, community members, high school and college students, social and/or political organizations by the Educación Popular en Salud (EPES) Foundation.

Group playing De la semilla al plato

De la Semilla al Plato, “From Seed to Your Plate,” is a new educational board game that invites players to engage in conversation and analyze the economic, political, social and cultural factors that influence what we eat and how it affects our health and environment.

From Seed to Your Plate facilitates and stimulates critical analysis and consciousness raising necessary to motivate collective actions to bring about changes to food environments. The game is designed to illustrate changes we have witnessed in the global food system in the past 40 years, and explore ideas of how to resist Big Food and Big Agriculture.

  • Good for 2-8 Players
  • Ages 14+
  • No previous knowledge about food or nutrition is required to play
  • De la semilla al plato has been field-tested with community members and health professionals (2019 edition available in Spanish only)

The game includes two sets of cards: Community cards represent different food environments (home, school, street, etc.), and these are open-ended questions including both specific cases and general themes to spark conversation. The General cards present questions about nutrition, food, health and the environment. These cards include answers that can be found in the guidebook that accompanies the board game. Most of the questions, images, and case stories refer to structural political, social, and economic factors, such as: the impact the Big Food industry has on the environment and one’s health; access to and availability of fresh food products; gender roles and health; Big Food industry marketing and advertising; and food sovereignty, among many others.

Price: $36.95 plus sales tax and shipping. By purchasing this game you help support EPES´ work for health and dignified life.

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