Almost four years later…

Our first blog post focused on the immediate post-earthquake work EPES was engaging in in and around Concepcion, Chile.  Who would have thought that it would take over three and a half years (the earthquake occurred February 27, 2013) for the residents of the seaside villages – whose homes were destroyed by the tsunami –Continue reading “Almost four years later…”

Faith and Solidarity in Chile

By Kathryn Lawler South America Coordinator, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America The earthquake and tsunami that struck Chile on February 27, 2010, highlighted deep social inequalities in a country often considered a Latin American development success story.  Land tenancy issues and the lack of affordable housing and dignified work threaten to prolong the stay ofContinue reading “Faith and Solidarity in Chile”

Update on Work in the Campamento in Penco, Chile

By Scott Duffus I just returned from a week and a half in Chile where I spend time at the campamento in Penco.  It was a privilege to see EPES’ community building work in action!   If you are interested in more details about my time there take a look at my blog, (there areContinue reading “Update on Work in the Campamento in Penco, Chile”

There Is Still Much That Needs To Be Done In Concepción

By Scott Duffus My friend Karen Anderson tells me that there are still people living in tents and in emergency housing in and around Concepción.  Last night’s rain thoroughly drenched them.  She tells me it is a sad and frustrating time, as winter sets in and many have still not been able to winterize theirContinue reading “There Is Still Much That Needs To Be Done In Concepción”

Earthquake 2010: EPES/Mercy Corps Training –Helping Children Heal & EPES Visit to Emergency Campamento

by Karen Anderson & Lezak Shallat, Fundación EPES Friday, April 16, Hualpén, Chile — The EPES Center is humming with activity. In its community hall and playground, scores of school teachers, psychologists, social workers and community leaders are crawling, jumping, pulling, pushing and cheering one another in games with names like Treasure Chest and StreetsContinue reading “Earthquake 2010: EPES/Mercy Corps Training –Helping Children Heal & EPES Visit to Emergency Campamento”