Give the Gift of EPES

Give an EPES Gift this Holiday Season

This holiday season, give friends and family the gift of an EPES project. Make a donation
and your loved one will receive a card thanking them for the donation made in his or her
honor. He or she will be delighted that their gift helped to train a Chilean woman to teach
her community proper nutrition, created a mural – or whichever project you choose!

EPES Featured 2013 Projects
(Total Cost in US$ – donations can completely or partially support a project)

1.  Printing of 500 pamphlets about importance of breast cancer screening ($60)

2. One day-long training session on a key health topic with 20 community health
promoters ($100)

3. Creation of a mural in a poor community that will raise awareness about good
nutrition, violence against women, HIV/AIDS, and other vital topics ($100)

4. Training program to prepare 20 community health and nutrition promoters
(12 sessions at $400 each = $4,800)

5. Scholarship for one woman to participate in nutrition promoter training ($250)

6. Scholarship to participate in 2013 EPES International Training School ($1,000 for
one Chilean student; $2,200 for one international student)

7. Two-week training in Kenya with the Hope African Women’s Foundation to train
community health promoters in rural Kenya ($15,000)

8. EPES General Fund (which supports the above as well as many other activities!)

To make a donation by regular mail:

1. Print out  this Mail-in Donation Form.

2.Choose record the amount you would like to donate and which featured 2013 EPES project your donation will support (wholly or in part!) on the donation form
– If no project is selected, your donation will support the EPES general fund.

3. Provide the name of the person you are honoring.

4. Mail your donation enclosing the Donation form to AHA

5. Print out this Honor Card

6.  fill out the gift card and send it to the person(s) you are honoring

To donate online* go to the AHA electronic donation page HERE

1. Choose a donation amount.

2. Use the “Comments” section on the donation page to specify the project (from the list above) and honoree name & address.

3. Email this e-card to the person you are honoring

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Librarian who follows rural broadband in MN and good uses of new technology (, hosts a radio show on MN music (, supports people experiencing homelessness in Minnesota ( and helps with social justice issues through Women’s March MN.

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